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Listing Torrent on Two Sites

New to torrents. I know the rules say that you can up something downloaded here to other sites. Is it technically possible to have a torrent seeding here and to upload it and seed it on some other private site at the same time? Like having two torrent files attached to one set of files? If it is possible, is it legal?

Legal probably wouldn’t be word to describe it.

Technically it is very much possible, so long as the client recognises them as two separate torrents rather than one torrent on two linked trackers. If it does make this mistake, it can lead to your client reporting things you’ve uploaded on one site being reported on another and could potentially mean you’d be banned.

There is also some etiquette you might want to consider. Some sites or uploaders frown on their torrents being spread to other sites, so if you’re not sure then it would be polite to PM the uploader and ask if they mind. I only tend to do this if the uploader also ripped/capped the files though.

Sounds like a good plan about checking with the originator. I need to do a little research about that misreading issue before I decide to try it. I have too much fun on here to risk a ban. Thanks for the tip.

As long as they have a different info_hash your stats will be reported fine – you get a different info_hash by including an extra file (eg. a text file lik on demonoid) in one, or using a different piecesize when creating them.

Technically this is not possible as you cannot use 2 diffrent torrents to the same set of files. You’ll get a message that the files are already in use by another program or process. Think of it this way: when you have a document opened in ms word, you cannot open it again in ms word, you’ll get a message to reopen the document.

In uTorrent it’s not only possible but done all the time.

As was said above, all you have to do is slightly change the files. Adding an .sfv/checksum to the folder works or just a text file. As long as the torrent is not exactly the same. And having the extra piece in there doesn’t affect the original torrent. You’ll just have two torrents showing as seeding but they’ll both be seeding from the same file without interfering with each other.

That’d only be true if you were downloading the torrents; two different threads can’t be writing to the same file at once for obvious reasons, but there’s absolutely no reason why two different threads can’t be reading from the same file, aside from slow i/o rates.

I knew I should’ve changed back to uTorrent when Vuze first came out.

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